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TN Fieldstone; Boulders Large  (5)


Landscape boulders are perfect for building retaining walls, water features, or, just use as accent pieces. Our granite, limestone and sandstone boulders come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and color.



A flat stone usually used for paving walkways, patios or pool decks. A variety of both irregular and dimensional patterned flagstones ranging in size, color and texture from Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee are available at Fort Wayne Rocks.

Bluffton; Blue, Regular Wallstone (4)


An irregular or dimensional stone, that can be dry stacked or mortared into place. Available in limestone and sandstone products, pieces are generally sizes one person can handle. Fort Wayne Rocks offers a diverse selection of wall stone to meet a variety of tastes and styles.

showcaseArkansas Slabs


Flat slab material typically varying 5″-24″ in thickness. Pieces are usually pallet size or bigger, requiring machinery to maneuver. Outcropping slabs are commonly used to build retaining walls, steps, water features and accents pieces.